About Me

Kory Angarita was born in Santader (Colombia) on 


When he was a teeneger his entrepreneurship took him to Bogotá, the capital of the country, looking for more chances. When he arrived to this city he was call Kory by a friend, nickname that nowadays is his artits name.

He and his brother opened their first tattoo studio, and by time became Tatto Art in his be his lifestyle. But his profession was not well looked upon and was full of tabus and prejudices in Colombia.


Then he started to watch some tattoo artist from United States and Eurpe to improve his ink, injecetion to change tatoo´s stereotypes in Colombia.


His commitment and dedication with the tattoo art made him develop his technic in a short time, but this was not enough to him and he start to paint on canvas to practice and improve this lines and color technics and use style (realistic art), and others kind of styles that he enjoy making ,to reach his artistics targets.


Whit big efforts, he start participating in national tattoo convencions. His high quality work made him be gest from diferent places of the world and start to won the first places in many national and international conventions, In all this places he was welcome and received recognition by sponsors and tattoo followers and lovers. Nowadays he make his works in american and european countries. 

He is living in europe where he develop new projects.